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Oct. 21st, 2006 | 02:05 pm
mood: confuseddazed
posted by: kazzy in pretenderfans

I have some icons for anyone who wants them. :) I was just going to redirect you to my journal, but as there's sixty-odd Doctor Who, and only three tP (and 2 Dark Angel!) I decided I'll just post them here.

68. 69. 70.

Credit is nice.
Comments are better.
Hotlinkers shall be Cyberised. By Mr. Lyle.

Honest opinions mean the world. Please critique!

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Comments {2}

H. J. Snape

(no subject)

from: hjsnapepm
date: Oct. 21st, 2006 02:27 am (UTC)

I read this on my f-list and I didn't notice what community it was posted to, so when I saw 'My fandom has nicer furniture than hell,' I went 'ah, tP!' That's my favorite. It made me chuckle.

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(no subject)

from: kazzy
date: Oct. 21st, 2006 09:25 am (UTC)

Yeah, I like that one too. I was also proud of the other one with the sign. It actually looks a lot better when view on a dark background, because it has a white frame.

Still, I'm thinking of using the My fandom one as a personal icon. I don't really like the tP one I use currently.

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