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Color Bar

I made a colorbar ^-^If you use it, please upload the picture to your own server. Just copy paste the text in the box provided and place the image url where it says "" Thank you ^-^

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HDM~ Iorek & Lyra Tundra

Pretender Gaming

Okay, so Im on a Pretender kick. I thought I would introduce to you all my character on the game FFXI. Its an online game for Final Fantasy. She's only a mule right now (aka a character I store items on) but I hope to eventually get her up to higher jobs, and eventually a gun :3

Meet Msparker

It was the closest I could get to her looking like the actual Ms Parker. She is Elvaan (the tall, slender race). The hair was either red or blonde, I choose red, since at some points her hair did look red. And the hair style was the only one that was down and didnt look stupid XD but yeah. Picture under cut. ^_^

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Fun Story: I was in one of the towns having a shouting war with someone and I shouted "There are Pretenders Among Us!" Which actually caused quite a ruckus. Someone says : OMG WHERE?!
Someone else: Who's pretending! Someone else: I choose who lives or dies! Someone else: Its a TV show isnt it? Someone else: OMG ITS KYLE!

XD Okay I'm easily amused. I thought it was funny. :P

X-posted: other pretender communities. (must share my geekiness with the world XD)
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WW Josh & Donna Finally!! Nevermind

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Hello. I came across a fanfic recently called "The Family Woman" which consisted of 47 chapters so far. Does anyone know if there is an ending of it posted somewhere? Like a site or forum?

Its about Miss parker falling and hitting her head in her house and waking up and finding her self in some freakish alternate reality where there is no centre, she is a mother of three children and her husband (Jarod), is giving her a divorce in order to keep the family safe from Mr Parker (Who is part of this law firm that is known for using, questionable methods for winning cases), because he was digging into how miss parkers mother died.

Swedish Fan, bringing icons and wallpapers for comfort..

Hi there!

I'm a Swedish fan, that also recently have rediscovered this wonderful series :) I'm biding my time 'til I can save up for the DVDs, and of course also keeping my fingers crossed for at least another movie...
*pleads for closure to the open sky*

Meanwhile, to have something to do while keeping my fingers crossed (or well, maybe to stretch my fingers when they weren't crossed), I did some icons and wallpapers.

Gigolo Jarod
Icon teasers..

Wallpaper teaser.. to see all 45 + 1 icons & 1 wallpaper!

Icon teasers..

Wallpaper teaser.. to see all 56 + 5 icons & 3 wallpapers!